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We do

Our expert Plastic Surgeons carry out a range of
injectable treatments. We offer wrinkle relaxing
injections which will help you regain a youthful
appearance. We offer Hyaluronic Acid fillers which
can be used to achieve volume, reshape and fill
heavier set lines. We also offer natural injectable

treatments which are designed to stimulate the
collagen production in the lower layers of your skin.

We do
skin analysis

The London Aesthetics Club offer a Skincare
Analysis at the start of every consultation with a
Clinical Professional. 
We believe that by looking
closely at the current presentation of the skin,
the correct treatment regime and skincare
prescription can be given to each Patient as a
bespoke service. 
The skincare analysis is
carried out using a Woodslamp. This piece of
equipment has been used for many years in
dermatology and identifies the presence of:
Pigmentation, Pores/Excess Oil Production,
Dehydration and Dead Skin Cells. 
We believe
in achieving the results each Patient desires
and requires.

We do
surgical consultations

Our expert Plastic Surgeons can carry out
consultations for any surgical procedure you
may be interested in, which are listed in our
Pricing Menu. We offer detailed consultations
where procedures would be explained and any
queries you have would be answered. 

We do
vitamin drips

We offer one of the most modern treatments in
the non surgical aesthetic market. These drips
are a combination of essential vitamins which
delivered through a drip while you relax.
This treatment can be useful for those of you
that need a 'boost', but we can offer specific
mixtures which can treat precise patient needs.

We do

The London Aesthetics Club currently offer the
Essential Recovery kit from Epionce.

This Kit is a convenient take-home regime to
care for the skin following moderate to deeper
skin rejuvenation procedures. 
The products
quickly help to restore barrier function while
providing a surge of hydration. 
The products
also help soothe and calm highly sensitised skin.

The Essential Recovery Kit includes:

  • Priming Oil
  • Enriched Firming Mask
  • Medical Barrier Cream

The London Aesthetics Club offer The Epionce
Lite Refresh Peel. 
This is a mild to moderate
peel which contains:

Malic Acid 30% - Potent Alpha Hydroxy Acid that encourages
cell turnover, hydration and reduces problem bacteria.

Salicylic Acid 5% - Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
properties improve skin clarity and texture by cleansing
pores; lipophilic properties boosts the penetration
of malic acid for optimum cell turnover.

Willow Bark Extract 14.5% - Anti-bacterial and
comedolytic properties help cleanse pores.

Onion Bulb Extract 0.5% - Anti-inflammatory properties
calm and soothe the skin. Contains quercetin to stimulate
and encourage the production of collagen and elastin.

The Epionce Lite Refresh is the perfect first
time peel with minimal down time. 
The Chemical
Peel is generally suitable for most skin types and
helps all individuals achieve a healthy glow. 
peel can also help combat specific skin issues such
as: breakouts, pigmentation and prevention of aging.

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